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Liste des congrès médicaux, formations santé à Washington : 9 résultats

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49th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology

Réf: 24698 12/10/2017 -> 15/10/2017 - Washington US

  The 49th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) will take place October 12-15, 2017 in Washington, D.C., USA.
SIOP's vision is that no child should die of cancer and aims to improve and optimise treatments throughout the world.
Each year, the ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

Echocardiography in the Nation's Capital

Réf: 24280 21/04/2017 -> 23/04/2017 - Washington US

The program will provide a practical review of technical and clinical aspects of echocardiography in the assessment of cardiac disease.

Conférence & Séminaire: Cardiologie

Immune Profiling World Congress USA 2017

Réf: 24123 10/04/2017 -> 12/04/2017 - Washington US

Immune Profiling World

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Veterinary Vaccine Conference 2017

Réf: 24122 10/04/2017 -> 12/04/2017 - Washington US

Veterinary Vaccine

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine, Pharmacie

Influenza and Respiratory Vaccine Conference

Réf: 24116 10/04/2017 -> 12/04/2017 - Washington US

Find ways to improve development of universal influenza, RSV, MERS and Pneumococcal vaccines

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases Conference 2017

Réf: 24112 10/04/2017 -> 12/04/2017 - Washington US

  The Ebola outbreak of 2014 brought emerging and re-emerging diseases screaming into the limelight.    This brought with it a renewed vigor for vaccines from the public and a catalyst for the scientific community to progress vaccines for diseases such as Ebola, Malaria, ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine interne

Bioprocessing and Manufacturing Conference 2017

Réf: 24111 10/04/2017 -> 12/04/2017 - Washington US

  With new vaccine formulations and technology platforms, vaccine developers need to have the right processes in place to manufacture them during clinical trials and at commercial scale.   Use this opportunity to meet with the manufacture and bioprocessing leads who need services ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

World Vaccine Congress Washington

Réf: 24103 10/04/2017 -> 12/04/2017 - Washington US

  The World Vaccine Congress Washington is well-established as the leading event on vaccines each year. Now turning 17, you are guaranteed the best experience on-site ever.   As always, the Congress will cover the crucial topics which are affecting the whole sector. From finding ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

First International Conference on Zika Virus

Réf: 23897 22/02/2017 -> 25/02/2017 - Washington US

The scientific program of this pioneering conference has been designed to provide an up to date introduction to the Zika virus from a medical and geographical point of view.    The main goal of the planned conference is to gather experts on several facets of the current epidemic of ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie