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Evènement :Resolving Workplace Conflict in a Virtual Environment

Date :Mardi 01 Décembre 2020

Lieu :En ligne (Internet, Visioconférence, ...)

Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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Effective conflict management in a virtual workplace is vital to prevent unneeded problems and to ensure that employees can do their job in the best way possible.
When employees know how to handle conflict in a positive manner, it strengthens the relationships among each other, and as a result, problems are significantly decreased – if not totally eliminated. This automatically reduces their stress and tensions, not just at work, but also in their whole lives. 

Companies and organizations depend on productivity to make money. All employees must give their best at work to make sure that the corporate machine runs smoothly. If people are constantly fighting or criticizing others, then thing productive will ever happen.

Why Should You Attend
 » Creating a positive work environment will increase productivity and profit
 » You will learn how to navigate conflict in a virtual workplace

Objectives of the Presentation 
In this webinar, the objectives are for you to learn the types of workplace conflict, why it can be productive or destructive, and how to effectively deal with it when it occurs. You will also learn effective strategies to use and ineffective ones to avoid.  

 Areas Covered in the Session 
 » Why conflict can be both productive and destructive
 » Types of workplace conflict
 » Common causes of virtual workplace conflict
 » How to create a positive communication climate
 » Effective and ineffective strategies for conflict management
 » Easy-to-use steps to use to resolve conflicts
 » Virtual environment-specific strategies to minimize conflict

Who Will Benefit 
 » Managers
 » Supervisors
 » General employees - especially ones who work in a virtual environment

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