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Avoid IRS Notices By Using The Free IRS Tin Matching Program

Réf: 24971 Mercredi 01 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Any company that submits IRS Forms 1099 to the IRS can possibly benefit from using the IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching program. The program is a free service included in IRS e-services. Any authorized person can access e-services and submit payees for the ...

Formation: Médecine, Pharmacie, Santé Publique

Product Reliability requirements - Sample Sizes and Testing Times

Réf: 24972 Jeudi 02 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Product Reliability requirements must be satisfied like all other performance requirements prior to product launch. However, since reliability is a function of time, the methods for verifying that reliability performance has been verified differ than for most other performance ...

Formation: Médecine, Santé Publique, Pharmacie

Analytical Materials used in Microbiology Laboratories to control the quality

Réf: 24973 Mardi 07 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   We will discuss a practical QC approach for in-house prepared and/or commercially purchased media, test kits and reagents specifically applicable to microbiology laboratories.     Why should you Attend: During this webinar, we will discuss a practical QC ...

Formation: Santé Publique, Pharmacie, Médecine

Equipment and QMS Software by Verification Process

Réf: 24974 Mercredi 08 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview: The FDA and other regulatory agencies have stated that software validation can only be accomplished effectively if "risk-based".How can this be done in the "real world".   Why should you Attend:  Software has become pervasive in medical devices themselves, and in the ...

Formation: Médecine, Santé Publique, Pharmacie

Get Organised Microsoft Outlook every day to manage

Réf: 24975 Jeudi 09 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   If you're like millions of other business professionals, you probably use Microsoft Outlook every day to manage your email, calendar and to do's. It's available for Windows, Mac, mobile and there's even a web version. In this session you will learn how to control Outlook, ...

Formation: Santé Publique

How to analyze financial statements of a company

Réf: 24976 Vendredi 10 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Grab a cup of coffee and join us to learn how to analyze the numbers, and use this intel to juice up virtually every facet of your organization's operations from marketing, to finance, to HR, to customer service and sales.Use our proven model to quickly assess the financial ...

Formation: Médecine, Santé Publique

Issues of IFRS compliant financial statements

Réf: 24977 Lundi 13 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview: This presentation will help you become acquainted with the latest information regarding IFRS for companies in the resource sector.   Why should you Attend:  Extractive industries, involved in the search for mineral resources, including oil, gas, minerals, and similar ...

Formation: Santé Publique

Applying Principles of 21 CFR Part 820 Quality System Regulation

Réf: 24978 Mardi 14 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   In this webinar, we apply the Theory of Lean documents and its corollary Theory of Lean Configuration to present a fresh approach to following 21 CFR Part 820.    Why Should you attend: If you are constantly struggling to create, manage, and maintain all of the ...

Formation: Management, Santé Publique

Asthma and COPD: an overview

Réf: 25070 14/03/2017 -> 15/03/2017 - London GB

What is Asthma and COPD: An Overview? Asthma and COPD: An Overview is a 2-day Asthma & COPD short course led by specialist practising physicians. It provides the opportunity to gain sound knowledge of the theories behind Asthma and COPD rapidly and progressively. The asthma & COPD ...

Formation: Pneumologie

How to Manage an effective FDA Inspection

Réf: 24979 Mercredi 15 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   This webinar can help you be more professional and polished during an inspection. You will learn how to present information about your quality system in the most competent and professional manner.   Why should you Attend: This webinar can help you prepare a strategy ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Management, Santé Publique

Understanding Risk Assessment of Proper Application

Réf: 24980 Jeudi 16 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Risk Assessment is a fundamental expectation in the regulated industries of pharmaceutical and medical devices. Performing risk assessments can be interpretive and needs to be well thought out in order to rationalize and substantiate conclusions drawn.   Why should you ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Santé Publique

Food Microbiology Methods in Validation

Réf: 24981 Mardi 21 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   The Webinar will discuss the practical distinction between and method validation and method verification and the requirements of each analytical approach to comply with ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2005 for a microbiology laboratory accreditation.   Areas Covered in the ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Santé Publique

Taxable vs Non-Taxable Fringe Benifits in Finance

Réf: 24982 Mercredi 22 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Have your employees, employer or client asked you:   What can you pay employees and it not taxable as employee wages? Why did you put my car allowance in my W-2.? Why are my moving expenses in my W-2? Are the education expenses you paid for me taxable? What ...

Formation: Médecine, Santé Publique

Lyophilization Technology effective design of the process

Réf: 24983 Jeudi 23 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   During the freezing phase, the goal is to freeze the mobile water of the product. Significant supercooling may be encountered, so the product temperature may have to be much lower that the actual freezing point of the solution before freezing occurs.   Why should you ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Santé Publique

Oct de A à Z

Réf: 24827 Samedi 25 Mars 2017 - Rueil-Malmaison FR

OCT théorie et pratique

Formation: Ophtalmologie

Excel Formulas and Functions in Mastering

Réf: 24984 Mardi 28 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Using formulas turns Excel into the world's most powerful calculator. Whether you need to calculate loan repayments, generate a profit and loss account, solve maths or engineering problems, in fact, think of any scenario that involves addition, subtraction, division or ...

Formation: Médecine, Santé Publique

Balancing Customer Satisfaction With Security Issues

Réf: 24985 Mercredi 29 Mars 2017 - En ligne

Overview:   Financial institutions have long been the payments engines for their customers. However, with heightened competition and the advent of new non-bank entries into the marketplace, financial institutions have been playing more defense than offense.   Why should you ...

Formation: Médecine, Santé Publique

IOTOD 2017: Improving outcomes in the treatment of opioid dependence

Réf: 24829 17/05/2017 -> 18/05/2017 - Berlin DE

IOTOD is a flagship educational initiative in addictions therapy. This 2-day interactive, patient-centric event focuses on in opioid dependence.
IOTOD is a key event in the European addictions calendar, providing key, practice-level education to over 300 international clinicians. GPs, ...

Formation: Médecine

Cours Imagerie Oculaire pour les Orthoptistes : Théorie et Travaux Pratiques

Réf: 24838 Samedi 20 Mai 2017 - Rueil-Malmaison FR

Editorial Présentation de toutes les techniques d'imagerie Objectifs Acquérir les bases théoriques et pratiques des techniques d’imagerie. Programme OCT et OCT Angiographie - Principes et applications en DMLA et pathologies maculaires - OCT de la Papille et des fibres ...

Formation: Ophtalmologie

Cours Secrétaires en Ophtalmologie : Perfectionner l'accueil des Patients et mieux appréhender les urgences

Réf: 24841 Samedi 20 Mai 2017 - Rueil-Malmaison FR

Perfectionner l'accueil des Patients et mieux appréhender les urgences

Formation: Ophtalmologie

Les Facettes de A à Z

Réf: 22959 08/06/2017 -> 09/06/2017 - Bordeaux FR

2 jours de travaux pratiques de A à Z

Formation: Dentisterie esthétique

Cours Glaucome : Imagerie de l'Angle et Traitements par Lasers

Réf: 24846 Samedi 17 Juin 2017 - Rueil-Malmaison FR

Glaucome : Imagerie de l'Angle et Traitements par Lasers

Formation: Ophtalmologie

Brain Tumor Treatment

Réf: 22069 28/04/2015 -> 24/03/2017 - En ligne

Brain Tumor Treatment In India - Call: 91-9371136499

Formation: Hôpital, Oncologie, Orthopédie, Chirurgie orthopédique, Santé Publique, Chirurgie

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