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Evènement :Unemployment Insurance Update 2021

Date :Mercredi 24 Février 2021

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Type :Conférence & Séminaire - Audience Internationale

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Employer-paid unemployment insurance taxes and costs can be significantly important and represent a potentially critical liability. For some employers, UI tax liabilities and their relationship to other employment-related cost have begun to increase significantly and now have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

While higher UI tax liabilities are just the most obvious risk created by employee separations and unemployment insurance claims; they are only the beginning.  Unemployment insurance claims increasingly expose organizations to other potential liabilities: from wage and hour violations for misclassifying independent contractors to providing plaintiffs with discovery opportunities in other types of employment litigation.

Effective management of your organization’s unemployment insurance experience provides you with the opportunity to improve your talent management results, improve your hiring and onboarding processes, enhance your performance management and discipline procedures, and reduce your exposure to discrimination and wrongful discharge claims.  Effective UI management allows you to use UI metrics to assess human capital risks, measure supervisor and manager performance, more accurately allocate resources and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

This webinar provides an update on federal and state UI issues, assesses the risks and costs associated with UI taxes and benefits, reviews the interconnection between UI and other employment and tax issues, and discusses effective UI tax management and cost control techniques.

Why Should You Attend

The Federal-State unemployment insurance (UI) program is another employment tax that employers must management. Unlike other taxes, however, UI taxes are experience-rated. Thus, employers have significant ability to control their tax liability. Additionally, because UI often becomes the gateway for other employment-related costs, proper management of employers’ UI activities can have a positive impact on these liabilities.

Objectives of the Presentation 

» Gain an understanding of key unemployment insurance issues
 » Discuss the strategic issues of employment stabilization and employee separation management
 » Learn to identify and assess the risks associated with the federal-state UI program
 » Discuss the financial implications of UI liabilities
 » Learn how sound HR management practices reduce an organization’s exposure to UI liabilities and costs
 » Identify and use UI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Areas Covered in the Session
 » Update on 2021 UI tax liabilities
 » A discussion of federal UI law and potential changes
 » Critical assessment of state UI laws
 » Managing your organization’s UI tax liabilities
 » Managing employment issues that impact your UI tax liabilities and other employment costs

Who Will Benefit 
 » HR professionals
 » Internal and external auditors
 » Business owners
 » Compliance managers
 » Risk managers
 » CFOs
 » External auditors
 » Internal auditors
 » Payroll managers
 » UI Specialists
 » Operations managers

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