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Congrès bio-technologies - Formation bio-technologies

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3rd Glycobiology World Congress

Réf: 24816 26/06/2017 -> 28/06/2017 - London GB

Glycobiology: Simple construction of sweet glycoprobes

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies

Overlap between Engineering and Psychology - 2017

Réf: 25301 Lundi 26 Juin 2017 - En ligne

This course will show how psychological factors enter into the engineering profession. Many aspects of the engineering profession are nontechnical such as balancing "green" practices with an effective cost structure, engineering ethics, how detail oriented should an engineer be, ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Santé Publique

Food - Current and Future Safety Regulations - 2017

Réf: 25450 Jeudi 06 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

Importers of food products intended for introduction and consumption in the United States through international commerce are responsible for ensuring that the products are safe, sanitary, wholesome, and labeled according to U.S. requirements.
Areas Covered in the ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Bio-Technologies, Management, Santé Publique

Excel - How to Create Resilient and Practical Budget Spreadsheets - 2017

Réf: 25452 Jeudi 06 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

David shares a wide range of helpful techniques, including how to separate inputs from calculations, streamline formula writing, preserve key formulas, and create both operating and cash flow budgets.
Why you should attend:
Learn to create both operating and cash flow ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Bio-Technologies, Management, Santé Publique

Latest Guidelines for Combination Products Registration - 2017

Réf: 25453 Lundi 10 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

During this introductory session, delegates will gain a complete guide to the status and impact of the latest guidelines for combination products.
Why should you Attend:
This webinar will examine the regulatory requirements for drug device combinations in the case of a drug ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Bio-Technologies, Management, Santé Publique

ACH Fraud - Detection and Prevention - 2017

Réf: 25454 Mardi 11 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

The types of internal processes and controls necessary vary by industry and organization size. This course reviews a wide variety of options and recommendations to assist attendees with developing their own internal protocols.
Why should you Attend:
Fraudsters ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Bio-Technologies, Informatique, Management, Santé Publique

Cyber Issues in Your Business Continuity Planning - 2017

Réf: 25455 Mardi 11 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

This webinar training will discuss how to create, test and implement an effective cyber Incident program to counter cyber threat and malware attacks.
Why should you Attend:
Do you have great procedures in place to deal with a Breach, Malware and more? Are you willing ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Informatique, Management, Santé Publique

Successful Supplier Audits - 2017

Réf: 25456 Mercredi 12 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

One of the tools at your disposal to verify the supplier's acceptability is to audit its operation. This webinar is designed to provide the participants a working knowledge of supplier audits.
Why should you Attend:
Many organizations conduct supplier audits because they ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Informatique, Management, Santé Publique

FDA-Regulated Environment Development Team - 2017

Réf: 25457 Jeudi 13 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

The Agile approach is well established in other industries adoption of Agile in medical device development has been increasing in the past five years.
Why Should you attend:
Medical device development struggles with huge pressures: the need for innovation, keeping ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Informatique, Management, Santé Publique

FDA and ISO Compliance Personnel Training - 2017

Réf: 25458 Lundi 17 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

To satisfy QSR and ISO 13485 requirements as well as produce quality products, companies must assure personnel are trained on their routine job practices as well as familiar with requirements that impact them.
Areas Covered in the Session:
Regulatory requirements for ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Santé Publique

Process Validation - Statistical Process Control - 2017

Réf: 25459 Mardi 18 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

Process knowledge and understanding is the basis for establishing an approach to process control and related instruction sets in the Batch Record for each critical step of the process operation and the overall process results based on statistical database for each batch of ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Santé Publique, Management, Bio-Technologies

Expectations of Regulatory & Validation Master Planning - 2017

Réf: 25461 Jeudi 20 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

This presentation will cover the importance of master planning. The FDA and other regulatory bodies expect these to be among the Quality System documentation.
Areas Covered in the Session:
History and background ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Santé Publique

12th International Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry Regional ISBS Conference “STRESS AND BEHAVIOR: YOKOHAMA-2017”

Réf: 25008 24/07/2017 -> 25/07/2017 - Yokohama JP

  The conference will exchange and share the developing knowledgebase of the molecular and genetic link between biological psychiatry and behavior/neurobiology, with the particular focus on stress caused by natural and social disasters, abuse, social withdrawal, and the related ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies, Psychiatrie, Neurologie, Génétique, Pharmacie, Biologie, Douleur, Recherche
FMC 24 crédits

Aseptic Technique Understanding and Cleanroom Behavior - 2017

Réf: 25462 Mardi 25 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

Compounding sterile products are made utilizing aseptic technique. Aseptic technique is a microbiological term referring to the prevention of microorganism contamination.
Why should you Attend:
This course will review proper cleaning, gowning and ways to avoid the ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Bio-Technologies, Médecine, Management

Latest FDA Changes to the Process Bullet Proof 510k - 2017

Réf: 25463 Mardi 25 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

The Special and Abbreviated 510(k) methods were developed under the "New 510(k) Paradigm" to help streamline the 510(k) review process.
    Know the differences between the Traditional, Special and Abbreviated ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Management, Santé Publique

Control Change in Medical Device Engineering - 2017

Réf: 25464 Jeudi 27 Juillet 2017 - En ligne

This webinar will describe a system, based on the regulations and practical experience that will allow for efficient control of the change process. It will be compliant but not cumbersome or overly time consuming.
Why should you Attend:
FDA and ISO call for change ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Médecine, Bio-Technologies, Management

9th International Conference and Expo on Metabolomics & Systems Biology

Réf: 24815 29/08/2017 -> 30/08/2017 - Prague CZ

Inclination towards the arena of Metabolomics research

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies, Informatique

Université d'été Éthique, Alzheimer et maladies neurodégénératives 2017 : inventions sociales, mobilisations et solidarités

Réf: 25505 11/09/2017 -> 12/09/2017 - Lyon FR

Par cette 7ème Université d’été, nous souhaitons conférer une dignité à l’esprit d’invention, à l’écoute, à la recherche de solutions concrètes, même éphémères, dans le soin et l’accompagnement quotidiens des personnes atteintes de maladies neuro-évolutives.

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies, Economie, Gériatrie, Hôpital, Management, Psychiatrie, Santé Publique

Journée scientifique de l'Université d'été Alzheimer et MND 2017 : Essais thérapeutiques de prévention de la maladie d’Alzheimer. De ...

Réf: 25506 Mercredi 13 Septembre 2017 - Lyon FR

Editorial Après trois décennies d’efforts de recherche, les mécanismes causaux de la maladie d’Alzheimer restent à élucider. Cette maladie présente une spécificité qui oriente actuellement les recherches vers une intervention clinique plus précoce : lorsque la maladie est diagnostiquée dès ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies, Gériatrie, Santé Publique

9th International Conference on Structural Biology

Réf: 24818 18/09/2017 -> 19/09/2017 - Zurich CH

Lets Gear the Future with Structural Biology

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies, Biologie

International Conference on Glycobiology

Réf: 24833 21/09/2017 -> 22/09/2017 - Houston US

About the Conference Glycobiology Conference gladly invites all the participants to join the prestigious International Conference on Glycobiology which is going to be held during September 21-22, 2017 at Houston, USA on a theme “New innovations in the era of glycobiology research”. Glycobiology ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies

Cybermed 2017

Réf: 24959 22/09/2017 -> 23/09/2017 - Antibes FR

CYBERMED 2017 : Intelligence artificielle, réalité virtuelle, robotique.

Congrès: Informatique, Bio-Technologies, Génétique, Gériatrie, Diabète, Méd. phys. & de réadaptation, Médecine du sport, Radiologie & Imagerie, Santé Publique, Kinésithérapie

17th Euro Biotechnology Congress

Réf: 25036 25/09/2017 -> 27/09/2017 - Berlin DE

Conference Series LLC extends its warm welcome to 17th Euro Biotechnology Congress during September 25-27, 2017 at Berlin, Germany with a theme “Novel Trends and Innovations in Biotechnology for Making Life Better”.

Congrès: Bio-Technologies, Biologie, Cancérologie, Génétique, Sécurité sociale, Recherche, Pharmacie
FMC 27 crédits

9th International Conference and Expo on Proteomics

Réf: 24820 23/10/2017 -> 25/10/2017 - Paris FR

Exploring the hidden depths of the Proteomics

Conférence & Séminaire: Bio-Technologies

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