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Liste des congrès médicaux, formations santé (Royaume-Uni) : 57 résultats

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RSM Aesthetics 9

Réf: 24716 Vendredi 24 Février 2017 - London GB

  Now in its 9th year this international conference provides a forum for new advances in the science and practice of medical, surgical, laser and device aesthetics to be presented and discussed in a collegiate atmosphere.     The conference features international speakers, ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Head and neck imaging refresher course 2017

Réf: 24718 Vendredi 24 Février 2017 - Manchester GB

Head and neck imaging refresher course held in Manchester which will focus on soft tissue and thyroid.

Conférence & Séminaire: Radiologie & Imagerie

Microsoft Hololens Experience LONDON

Réf: 24898 Vendredi 24 Février 2017 - London GB

  What is HoloLens?
Hololens is a mixed reality device - recognising the environment around itself and overlaying information. You are basically creating your own reality and shaping it through gestures and gaze tracking. It is probably one of the most disruptive technologies out ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Joint MHRA/DIA Excellence in Pharmacovigilance

Réf: 24635 27/02/2017 -> 03/03/2017 - London GB

  This course is designed to provide a firm grounding in key aspects of European Clinical Pre- and Post-Marketing Safety regulatory requirements. This five-day training course also includes highlights and updates on the pharmacovigilance legislation and the latest news on the international ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Microsoft Hololens Experience LONDON

Réf: 24899 Lundi 27 Février 2017 - London GB

  What is HoloLens?
Hololens is a mixed reality device - recognising the environment around itself and overlaying information. You are basically creating your own reality and shaping it through gestures and gaze tracking. It is probably one of the most disruptive technologies out ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Australia Nursing Talks and Seminar West London 2017

Réf: 25032 Mercredi 01 Mars 2017 - London GB

Have you ever thought about nursing in Australia?
From agency nursing for working holiday makers on gap years in Australia to permanent roles for skilled migrants, Australia is in high demand

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Advances in Drug Discovery 2017

Réf: 24487 06/03/2017 -> 07/03/2017 - Cambridge GB

  Building on the success of our Cambridge Workshop Series, this SELECTBIO conference will feature four tracks: Epigenetics in Drug Discovery; Antibodies in Drug Discovery; Academic Drug Discovery; Stem Cells in Drug Discovery. Delegates have unrestricted access to all conference tracks ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

Clinical Innovation and Partnering World

Réf: 24664 08/03/2017 -> 09/03/2017 - London GB

  The 10th Clinical Innovation and Partnering World conference is your opportunity to engage and sit alongside the pioneers who are disrupting clinical research and getting medicines to patients faster.   The event will cover a range of different topics including: . mHealth ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Royal Institution talk: Roger Penrose on the New Physics of the Universe

Réf: 24963 Mardi 14 Mars 2017 - London GB

  Can the following of fashion, blind faith, or flights of fantasy have anything seriously to do with the scientific quest to understand the universe? Surely not - but Roger Penrose argues that researchers working at the extreme frontiers of physics are as susceptible to these forces as ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Asthma and COPD: an overview

Réf: 25070 14/03/2017 -> 15/03/2017 - London GB

What is Asthma and COPD: An Overview? Asthma and COPD: An Overview is a 2-day Asthma & COPD short course led by specialist practising physicians. It provides the opportunity to gain sound knowledge of the theories behind Asthma and COPD rapidly and progressively. The asthma & COPD ...

Formation: Pneumologie

2nd International Conference on Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiac Surgery

Réf: 24799 15/03/2017 -> 16/03/2017 - London GB

Explore the possibilities towards better Cardiac Health

Conférence & Séminaire: Cardiologie, Médecine interne, Pédiatrie

Clinical Update 2017 Training Programme

Réf: 24774 20/03/2017 -> 22/03/2017 - Birmingham GB

  The Society for Endocrinology's Clinical Update training programme provides essential training for trainees and recently appointed consultants in endocrinology and diabetes. It provides an update on current clinical practice and offers delegates an unparalleled opportunity to network ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Endocrinologie

Paediatric Clinical Trials

Réf: 24677 20/03/2017 -> 21/03/2017 - London GB

SMi is proud to present the return of their 11th annual Paediatric Clinical Trials Conference, 20th – 21st March 2016, London.

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

19th Annual Superbugs & Superdrugs

Réf: 24686 20/03/2017 -> 21/03/2017 - London GB

SMi presents the 2017 19th annual Superbugs & Superdrugs conference, taking place on 20 -21 March in Central London.
Expanding horizons on the growing threat of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) for almost two decades, the flagship show in the global Superbugs portfolio of events will ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Injuries in childbirth: Raising awareness and restoring dignity for mothers

Réf: 25027 Mercredi 22 Mars 2017 - London GB

This launch event for the MASIC Foundation aims to provide greater awareness within the healthcare profession of mothers who have suffered injuries during childbirth.

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

SAS 2017

Réf: 24416 23/03/2017 -> 24/03/2017 - London GB

Symposium on Aneurysm Sealing

Congrès: Cardiologie

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: An Overview

Réf: 25071 Jeudi 23 Mars 2017 - London GB

What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD): An Overview? A one-day face-to-face AMD course. A programme designed to meet the educational needs of professionals from the pharmaceutical, medical technology, biotechnology and associated industries. It is taught ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Ophtalmologie

Drug Discovery 2017

Réf: 24672 27/03/2017 -> 28/03/2017 - London GB

Registration is live for Drug Discovery 2017, taking place on 27-28 March in London.

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine, Pharmacie

DIA BioVenture Day

Réf: 24634 Mardi 28 Mars 2017 - Glasgow GB

  The DIA BioVenture Days unique value is in bringing together people from a much broader set of faculties via the neutral and trusted DIA platform, in order to gain a more holistic view on the role of bioventure companies and venture capital funding models. Explore with us how best to ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

29th Annual DIA EuroMeeting 2017

Réf: 24632 29/03/2017 -> 31/03/2017 - Glasgow GB

  The DIA EuroMeeting allows you to debate the issues across the entire drug development value chain during the conference and find solutions within the exhibition with 2,500+ other cross functional thought leaders.   You will hear the latest solutions and challenges in healthcare....

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Asthma & COPD 2017

Réf: 24681 29/03/2017 -> 30/03/2017 - London GB

Aimed at senior scientists and respiratory and inhalation specialists, Asthma & COPD 2017 will reflect on the ongoing issues and latest developments of these two diseases.
With a carefully selected panel of industry experts, the 2017 event will address the latest challenges and changes ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

introduction to oncology and Cancer Treatment

Réf: 25072 29/03/2017 -> 30/03/2017 - London GB

What is Introduction to Oncology and Cancer Treatment? Introduction to Oncology and Its Treatment is a two-day, rapid and progressive face-to-face training programme. Led by specialist physicians delegates are provided with a comprehensive overview of Oncology. This course equips attendees ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

8th Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials

Réf: 24750 03/04/2017 -> 04/04/2017 - London GB

SMi's annual conference on Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials will return to London on 3rd and 4th April 2017. Now running for nearly a decade, this unmissable event will gather a senior audience of experts to discuss and deliberate recent innovations and successes in this exciting field of ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

14th annual Controlled Release Delivery

Réf: 24757 03/04/2017 -> 04/04/2017 - London GB

SMi is delighted to announce the return of the 14th annual Controlled Release Delivery conference taking place in London, UK on the 3rd and 4th of April 2017.

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

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