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2nd Annual NASH Summit 2018

Réf: 26157 23/04/2018 -> 25/04/2018 - Boston US

Validating non-invasive biomarkers to confidently stratify patients and enhance clinical response
. Evaluating the scientific rationale behind combination therapy for more effective treatment
. Conclusively comparing in vitro and in vivo models to better recapitulate human NASH and conf ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Label Promotion of Drugs and Medical Devices

Réf: 26604 Mardi 24 Avril 2018 - En ligne

FDA: between patients and industry
Off-Label Promotions and First Amendment Issues
Federal Register History of the current guidance documents
Who Will Benefit: ...

Formation: Pharmacie, Pour le public

Medicare/Medicaid Impacts of the Budget Act of 2018 and the CMS 2019 Medicare Advantage Call Letter – Are you ready?

Réf: 26960 Mercredi 25 Avril 2018 - En ligne

Providers, vendors, and patients are often unaware of the changes until long after they go into effect. This causes significant disruptions in the delivery and payment of health services. By getting information on these changes early, individuals and organizations can react to the changes and pr ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Gestion & Fiscalité

Brain and Body; It Is Time To Work Together

Réf: 26118 27/04/2018 -> 28/04/2018 - Bruxelles BE

We will also highlight the practical and clinical implications for patients that this research may have on the body-brain relationship with, among other things, mental imagery, virtual reality or robotics for rehabilitation. We believe that this brain-body relationship is the point of interface bet ...

Congrès: Kinésithérapie, Neurologie, Médecine du sport, Pneumologie, Douleur

Perspectives in Digestive Diseases

Réf: 26550 27/04/2018 -> 28/04/2018 - Las Vegas US

Leading experts will present clinically relevant information that you will find immediately useful in the care of your patients. We explore GERD, the spectrum of chronic viral hepatitis, Barrett's esophagus, fatty liver diseases, peptic ulcers, gastroparesis, complicated liver disease, colorectal s ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Contemporary Management of HIV: New Data From CROI 2018 Workshop, April 28

Réf: 27027 Samedi 28 Avril 2018 - Philadelphia US

Join us on Saturday, April 28 at The Rittenhouse Hotel for an engaging discussion of how data from key HIV studies presented at the recent Boston meeting are expected to affect optimal management of patients infected with HIV. Expert faculty, Joseph J. Eron, MD, and Pablo Tebas, MD, will lead this ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

European Orthodontics Seminars formation Post-Universitaire En Orthodontie Pour Omnipraticien cycle De 7 Modules

Réf: 26809 28/04/2018 -> 29/04/2018 - paris FR

adéquat à chacun de vos patients.
Vous passerez ensuite à la réalisation pratique au cours de laquelle vous acquerrez une connaissance
approfondie d’un panel de moyens vous permettant de déplacer les os ou les dents avec précision.
Programme ...

Formation: Dentaire, Chirurgie orale, Dentisterie esthétique, Dentisterie omnipratique, Implantologie, Endodontie, Orthodontie, Parodontie, Prothèse, Prophylaxie

AMP Europe 2018, Rotterdam

Réf: 26286 30/04/2018 -> 02/05/2018 - Rotterdam NL

Although the molecular landscapes of many cancers have been revealed using precision oncology approaches, many of the alterations observed in patients remain undruggable, and viable targets are incompletely characterized. In this conference we will discuss and address current advances, challenges a ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

War on Cancer Middle East

Réf: 26627 Mardi 01 Mai 2018 - Dubai AE

For patients, overcoming the fatalism and stigma surrounding cancer is an additional barrier to treatment.
In 2015, The Economist Events declared war on cancer at an inaugural summit in London. Since then, we have taken the conversation from Boston to Hong Kong, Singapore ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

HIPAA Designed for the Front Office Staff

Réf: 26985 01/05/2018 -> 02/05/2018 - Aurora US

What about deceased patients?
Do you have a check-list for HIPAA?
Front desk violations can be avoided.
User-friendly techniques to be discussed. ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

HIPAA Security 2018 and Beyond - HIPAA Denver Seminars

Réf: 26912 03/05/2018 -> 04/05/2018 - Denver US

I will speak on specific experiences from over 17 years of experience in working as an outsourced compliance auditor, expert witness on multiple HIPAA cases, and thoroughly explain how patients are now able to get cash remedies for wrongful disclosures of private health information. More importantl ...

Formation: Médecine, Pharmacie

1st Emirates Pediatric Endocrine Congress (EPEC)

Réf: 26662 04/05/2018 -> 05/05/2018 - Dubai AE

The scientific committee has compiled a rich and versatile program focusing on practical and critical issues that face pediatricians, ER physicians, and other healthcare providers who deal with pediatric patients with diabetes or endocrine disorders. The topics of the conference presents the newe ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Endocrinologie, Pédiatrie
FMC 12 crédits

CMHC West 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

Réf: 26813 04/05/2018 -> 05/05/2018 - Las Vegas US

Invest in your education and the health of your patients by attending CMHC West this spring!
For sponsorship/exhibitor opportunities, please contact kathleen@cardiometabolichealth.org
Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/207758-0?pid=4319 ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

3rd Annual Clinical Issues in Primary Care Conference Big Island Hawaii

Réf: 25781 07/05/2018 -> 11/05/2018 - Waimea US

Assess and provide patients with an accurate diagnosis and optimal care for a broad range of disorders seen in primary care.
Utilize current guidelines in the diagnosis and management of commonly encountered therapeutic issues.
Formulate comprehensive evidence-based interventions and tr ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

The 40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC 2018)

Réf: 25995 07/05/2018 -> 12/05/2018 - Manila PH

The rapid advances in dental materials and technology are benefiting patients as well as practices with the knowledge and technology required to offer advanced treatment options like laser, esthetic, digital and implant dentistry. Attendees at APDC 2018 will have ample opportunities to discuss all ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

2018 Primary Care Hawaii Conference May 7-11, 2018 Grand Hyatt Kauai

Réf: 26507 07/05/2018 -> 11/05/2018 - Koloa US

The 2018 Primary Care Hawaii Conference - Caring for the Active and Athletic Patient (PCC) at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort May 7-11, 2018 promises to be one of the best educational opportunities for physicians and medical professionals who care for active and athletic patients or who themselves lea ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Chief Medical Officer Summit - May 7-8, 2018 - Boston, MA

Réf: 26798 07/05/2018 -> 08/05/2018 - Boston US

- Opportunities for CMOs to Engage More Directly with Patients
- Working with FDA and Regulatory Agencies to Advance Drug Development
- Preparing for the Challenges of Late Stage Trials
- How to Find the Right People and Build the A-Team ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

EWMA 2018, 28th conference of European Wound Management Association

Réf: 26279 09/05/2018 -> 11/05/2018 - Krakow PL

We look forward to welcoming you to the historical city of Krakow! With its long history of intellectual heritage and modern dynamic development, Krakow offers the ideal venue for the EWMA 2018 conference to gather the European and international wound management communities with the common goal of ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

10th Digital Pharma Europe

Réf: 26611 09/05/2018 -> 11/05/2018 - Hayes GB

- How can pharma leverage digital and navigate digital trends and technologies to maximise positive outcomes for patients?
- How can pharma generate value from digital medicine solutions?
- How can pharma engage with disruptive technologies?
- How can we demonstr ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

Training for Small Healthcare Providers | HIPAA Seminar 2018

Réf: 26917 10/05/2018 -> 11/05/2018 - Ut US

Regardless of size of a practice or the number of patients, the focus of this seminar is on making sure organizations are meeting all the HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus Rules. Organizations need to fully understand the requirements of a compliance program and how to implement one.
Attendees ...

Formation: Médecine, Pharmacie

Mobile in Clinical Trials Europe - May 15-16, 2018 - London, UK

Réf: 26644 15/05/2018 -> 16/05/2018 - London GB

Led by Chair Dr Daniel Karlin of Pfizer, Mobile in Clinical Trials Europe opens with a session given by Tilo Hache, Novartis, on the factors that must be addressed to implement mobile tools in the fragmented European landscape and to meet the needs of regulators and patients. Additional sessions:...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

International Symposium on HIV and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Réf: 25247 16/05/2018 -> 18/05/2018 - Marseille FR

La charge des comorbidités chez les patients atteints par le VIH nécessite non seulement une approche multidisciplinaire de l’infection, mais également des échanges pointus avec des spécialistes d’autres disciplines.
L’ISHEID 2018 accordera une place privilégiée aux présentations à la ...

Congrès: SIDA, Virologie, Epidémiologie, Médecine tropicale

World Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine Congress, London, May 2018

Réf: 25927 16/05/2018 -> 18/05/2018 - London GB

, - Benjamin Shepherd, Director, Therapeutics, Organovo, - Chaim Lebovits, CEO, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, - Damien Bates, Chief Medical Officer & Head of Research, SanBio, - David Pettitt, Research Associate, Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI), DPhil Candida ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Best Practices of Collecting the Right Patient Data for Value Based Payments!

Réf: 27104 Mercredi 16 Mai 2018 - Aurora US

Now, health plans are instituting “value based payments”; methods where the quality and outcome of services to patients are used to determine or adjust provider payments. Such models as Accountable Care Organizations, Bundled Payments, and quality based bonuses are being used today. These models ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

The Great Plains Laboratory Presents GPL Academy Practitioner Workshops - Charlotte

Réf: 26307 19/05/2018 -> 20/05/2018 - Charlotte US

When you attend a GPL Academy workshop, you will find out why our tests may be incredibly valuable to your practice, what particular markers may be the most meaningful to specific patients, and you will learn how to use our tests in tandem to provide your patients with the most personalized treatme ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

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