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Liste des congrès médicaux, formations santé : 23 résultats pour la recherche immunology

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3rd European Congress on Vaccines and Immunology

Réf: 31400 15/07/2020 -> 16/07/2020 - London GB

Immunology and Its Allied Fields
Pathology and Its Allied Fields
Microbiology and Its Allied Fields
Oncology or Cancer research & treatments ...

Congrès: Allergologie, Epidémiologie, Immunologie, Infectiologie - Hygiène, Médecine interne, Oncologie, Pédiatrie, Santé Publique, Toxicologie, Virologie
FMC 20 crédits

 2nd International summit on Cancer Research & Therapy - Impact Conferences

Réf: 31705 15/07/2020 -> 16/07/2020 - Valencia ES

Cancer Immunology & Hormone Therapy
Cancer Epidemiology
Neurological Cancer & Brain Tumor
Cancer Diagnosis & Precision Medicine ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

Digital Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease Summit

Réf: 31884 Mercredi 15 Juillet 2020 - En ligne

Speakers: Felix Yeh, Head of Biomarkers, Alector, Kirk Brown, Director, CNS Early Development, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Martin Tolar, CEO, Founder, Alzheon, Philip Ashton-Rickardt, Senior Vice President, Immunology, AZTherapies, Christopher Whelan, Senior Scientist, Biogen, Danielle Graham, Senior ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

IPVC 2020: 33rd International Papillomavirus Conference

Réf: 29408 20/07/2020 -> 24/07/2020 - En ligne

- Basic immunology and pathogenesis of PVs
- Therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines
- Prevention of HPV associated cancers, particularly cervical cancer and other PV-associated diseases
- Promotion of the spread of the scientific knowledge to benefit the whole com ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Gynécologie obstétrique

2nd World Congress on Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

Réf: 31069 22/07/2020 -> 23/07/2020 - London GB

Infectious Diseases 2020 is a two-day congress going to be held at London, UK from July 22-23, 2020.

Congrès: Infectiologie - Hygiène, Immunologie, SIDA, Epidémiologie, Médecine tropicale, Virologie

2nd World Congress on Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Réf: 28889 22/07/2020 -> 23/07/2020 - London GB

Infectious Diseases & Vaccines 2020

Conférence & Séminaire: SIDA, Allergologie, Immunologie, Infectiologie - Hygiène, Virologie
FMC 8 crédits

Innate Immune Stimulating Therapies - Virtual Summit

Réf: 31906 Mercredi 22 Juillet 2020 - En ligne

, Michael Alonso, Vice President, Immunology and Pharmacology, Bolt Biotherapeutics, Kristy Ainslie, Professor and Vice Chair, Eshelman School of Pharmacy University of North Carolina, Shahram Ardakani, Senior Director, Pfizer, Haifeng Yang, Co-Director of Translational Pathology Shared Resource, Si ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

Gastroenterology Utilitarian Conferences

Réf: 30584 27/07/2020 -> 28/07/2020 - Berlin DE

Conference highlights are Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Gastrointestinal Pathology, GI Cancers, GI Bleeding, Bariatric Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Gastrointestinal Radiology, Endoscopy, Colorectal Cancer, Pancreatic & Biliary Disease, Esophageal & Gastric Disease, Small Bowel & C ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Gastro-entérologie, Hôpital, Santé Publique

Gene Therapy Immunogenicity - Virtual Summit

Réf: 31604 04/08/2020 -> 06/08/2020 - En ligne

Dissecting the immunogenicity of gene therapy vectors to better understand immunology safety concerns
Better understanding the innate immune response and its implications for gene therapy transduction
Evaluating the resolution and throughput of technologies to define empty v ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

Hemophilia Drug Development Summit

Réf: 31907 Mardi 18 Août 2020 - En ligne

Speakers: David Wraith, Institute Director and Professor of Immunology, University of Birmingham Chief Scientific Officer, Apitope, Oscar Segurado, Chief Medical Officer, ASC Therapeutics, Keith Life Senior Director, Gene Therapy Manufacturing, BioMarin, Jonathan Roberts, Associate Director - Medic ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

2020 World Pediatrics Conference

Réf: 31180 Mardi 08 Septembre 2020 - Thailand TH

§ Pediatric Immunology
§ Pediatric Allergy and Dermatology
§ Pediatric Cardiology
§ Pediatric Psychology and Adolescent Medicine ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Chirurgie pédiatrique

GammaDelta T Therapies Summit

Réf: 31936 29/09/2020 -> 01/10/2020 - London GB

Speakers: Stewart Abbot CSO Adicet Bio, David Pauza CSO American Gene Technologies, Christoph Baumann Principal Scientist And Cancer Biotherapeutics, Jean-Jacques Fournie Founding Director Cancer Research Center of Toulouse, Haakan Norell Director, Discovery And Preclinical Gadeta, Alice Brown VP, ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale

The 14th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)

Réf: 29572 02/10/2020 -> 05/10/2020 - Greater London GB

Main topics include ALS, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, Epilepsy, Headache, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neuroimmunology, Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, Rehabilitation and Stroke.
We cordially invite you to join us in the beautiful city o ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

B-Cell Directed Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases Virtual Summit

Réf: 32047 13/10/2020 -> 15/10/2020 - En ligne

, Claire Langrish, Vice President - Immunology and Biology, Principia Biopharma, Thomas Tedder, Alter Geller Distinguished Professor for Research in Immunology, Duke University School of Medicine, Martin Kaul, Executive Director Translational Medicine, Autoimmunity, Novartis Institutes for Biomedica ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

The 19th Biennial Meeting of The European Society of immunodeficiencies

Réf: 30629 14/10/2020 -> 17/10/2020 - Birmingham GB

We are delighted to invite you to ESID 2020 in Birmingham, to join us for immunological interactions in the Germinal Centre of UK Immunology.
Birmingham has a great tradition of immunology research, including the identification of the lymph node germinal centre as the site of affinity m ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

International Vaccines and Virology Conference

Réf: 31174 15/10/2020 -> 16/10/2020 - Rome IT

The International Vaccines and Virology Conference welcomes you to Italy during October 15-16, 2020 to share your research findings, promote knowledge exchange and network with a broad audience in the field of microbiology and immunology
i-Vaccines 2020 is an annual gathering for resear ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Immunologie, Virologie, Infectiologie - Hygiène

3rd Microbiome Mvmt - Animal Health and Nutrition 2020

Réf: 32035 19/10/2020 -> 21/10/2020 - Durham US

Speakers: Kristi Smedley, Owner, Center for Regula, Thomas Frost, Director, Innovation and Application, DSM Nutritional Products, Leon Marchal, Innovation Director, DuPont Nutrition and Bioscience, Arvind Kumar, Research Advisor, Global Vaccine and Biologics, Elanco, Niel Baxter, Research Scientist ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

ESPID 2020: European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Réf: 30399 26/10/2020 -> 29/10/2020 - Rotterdam NL

The Meeting brings together the most prominent researchers - in and relevant to the field of paediatric infectious diseases and immunology - to advance your practical understanding and research capabilities. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and generate new ideas in a relaxed ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pédiatrie, Pharmacie

Allogeneic Cell Therapy Summit 2020

Réf: 31517 26/10/2020 -> 28/10/2020 - Woburn US

Speakers: Jo Brewer VP, Allogeneic Research Adaptimmune, Anthony Colenburg Director of Quality Adicet Bio, Peter Flynn CTO Artiva Biotherapeutics, Blake Aftab VP, Preclinical and Translational Science Atara Biotherapeutics, Manny Duenas VP, Head of Global Market Access Atara Biotherapeutics, Maksim ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Pharmacie

Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit 2020

Réf: 32036 27/10/2020 -> 29/10/2020 - Cambridge US

Speakers: Arun Kashyap, Vice President, Research, Arch Oncology, Sergio Trombetta, Senior Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology and Immune Modulation, Boehringer Ingelheim, Michael Klichinsky, Co-Founder and VP, Discovery, Carisma Therapeutics, C. Wyatt Shields, IV Assistant Professor, Department ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

3rd International Congress on Oncology and Therapy - Impact Conferences

Réf: 31709 04/11/2020 -> 05/11/2020 - Dubai AE

Cancer Immunology & Hormone Therapy
Cancer Epidemiology
Neurological Cancer & Brain Tumor
Cancer Diagnosis & Precision Medicine ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Oncologie

4th NASH USA Summit

Réf: 31270 15/12/2020 -> 18/12/2020 - Boston US

Speakers: Ariel Feldstein - Professor and Chief, Pediatric Gastroenterology - UC San Diego, Bin Gao - Chief, Laboratory of Liver Diseases - NIAAA NIH, Frank Anania -Acting Clinical Team Leader, Division of Gastroenterology and Inborn Errors Products FDA, Johannes Taminiau - Pediatric Committee (P ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine

EFI 2021: The 34th European Immunogentics and Histocompatibility Conference

Réf: 29826 22/04/2021 -> 25/04/2021 - Glasgow City GB

Foetal/Maternal Immunology
Website: https://go.evvnt.com/437167-0?pid=4319
Tickets: https://go.evvnt.com/437167-2?pid=4319 ...

Conférence & Séminaire: Médecine générale